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To Sell or To Renovate My Home? That Is The Question...Part 1

Should I Sell or Renovate?

For many homeowners, the desire for a change can simmer beneath the surface for years. Perhaps your home is now feeling cramped with a growing family. Maybe the once-trendy floral wallpaper screams "eighties" just a little too loudly. Or perhaps you are growing frustrated with your current outdated kitchen cabinetry, appliances, and functionality. Whatever the reason, the question arises: renovate or sell?

This decision can feel fraught with emotions and uncertainties. Do you pour your heart and resources into transforming your existing space, or embark on the exciting, yet potentially stressful, journey of finding a new home altogether?

Understanding Your "Why"

The first step is introspection. Why are you considering a change? Is it a functional need, driven by a growing family or the current flow of your home is no longer ideal to your lifestyle? Perhaps it's an aesthetic yearning, a desire for a space that reflects your current style and interests. Maybe it's a combination of both. Identifying the root cause will help guide you towards the most suitable solution.

Renovation: Reimagining Your Space

Do you love the location of your home, the size of your yard, and the friendships you've created in your neighborhood? Then renovating may be the answer. Renovating your home offers a unique opportunity to create a custom haven, perfectly tailored to your needs and desires. Imagine a kitchen that inspires culinary masterpieces, complete with sleek countertops and top-of-the-line appliances. Envision a luxurious bathroom oasis, your own personal spa retreat after a long day. Renovations can not only enhance your daily life but also potentially add significant value to your property, especially if you focus on strategic upgrades in high-demand areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

You may be able to keep your homes existing footprint, but completely reimagine how that footprint can be utilized. Perhaps you are ready to expand that footprint and do a large addition, preparing for your families future needs. Either way, if you love where your home is at and see yourself staying there for years to come, then renovating is an option to explore in greater detail. Explore floor plans and aesthetic details to determine if your current property can meet your needs and wants. 

Renovation isn't without its challenges. Construction can be disruptive, with dust, noise, and the inevitable inconvenience of living through a remodel. Unforeseen costs can arise due to hidden problems discovered during demolition, or simply fluctuating material prices. Timelines might deviate from initial estimates, leaving you temporarily displaced or living in a construction zone. It will be important to have a plan to address these critical areas and how to mitigate the challenges.

Retro kitchen with wood cabinets, yellow countertops, floral wallpaper, and modern stainless steel refrigerator. The kitchen features a double sink, electric stove, and bright lighting from recessed ceiling lights and a skylight.
Before Photo
Transitional style open-concept kitchen and dining area with light wood flooring and white walls. The kitchen features white cabinets, a marble backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and a large island with beige bar stools. The dining area includes a rectangular table with upholstered chairs and a chandelier above. Exposed wooden beams add a rustic touch to the contemporary design. Large windows provide ample natural light.
After Photo

Selling: A Fresh Start with New Possibilities

Selling your home presents a chance to turn the page and embark on a new chapter. Imagine finding a property that already embodies your dream home vision, eliminating the need for renovations. A hot market can translate into a profitable sale, allowing you to tap intoroperty that already embodies your dream home vision, eliminating the need for renovations. A hot market can translate into a profitable sale, allowing you to tap into that equity to make your next move even more strategic. Perhaps you crave a change of scenery, a new neighborhood to explore closer to work or family. Maybe you're downsizing after the kids have flown the coop, seeking a low-maintenance haven that reflects your changing lifestyle.

Of course, selling comes with its own set of hurdles. Finding your perfect next home can be a stressful undertaking, especially in a competitive market. The process requires patience, a keen eye for detail, and potentially the expertise of a trusted real estate broker. Closing costs and moving expenses add to the financial considerations, and there's a logistical dance involved in ensuring a smooth transition between properties. And let's not forget the emotional attachment you might have to your current home, a place filled with memories and a familiar sense of comfort.

Hybrid: Finding & Creating Your Ever Home

There's a compelling option for those who crave a specific neighborhood but are deterred by the high cost of move-in ready homes. You may consider purchasing a dated property in your desired location and transforming it into your dream home through renovations. 

Finding a dated property in your ideal neighborhood can give you discount upfront on the purchase price and give you the freedom to create your dream home in your dream location. Many homeowners in these locations desire to sell to a end buyer instead of an investor. Unfortunately, many buyers overlook these properties since they are not turn key. This offers a unique opportunity for buyers.

The difficult challenge in this strategy is navigating the financing options available and the logistics of waiting to move into the property while renovations are complete. This is a challenge that can be overcome with the right team and a well thought out plan ahead of time. 

Single-story brick house with a basement, a gray roof, featuring a small front porch with steps leading up to the entrance. The house is surrounded by a well-maintained lawn and trimmed bushes. A paved driveway extends to the right side of the house, with trees and other houses visible in the background.
Before Photo
Architectural rendering of a modern, single-story house with a gray roof and a combination of white and wooden exterior walls. The house features large windows and a central entrance with steps leading up to a covered porch. The landscape includes a neatly maintained lawn, ornamental grasses, and surrounding trees. A paved driveway is visible to the right.
Design Rendering Photo
Transitional style single-story house with a light gray roof and a combination of white and wooden exterior walls. The house features a central entrance with steps leading up to a covered porch and a door painted in Sherwin Williams' "Night Owl" color. The landscape includes a neatly maintained lawn, decorative gravel beds, and surrounding trees. A paved driveway extends to the right side of the house.
After Photo

The Financial Landscape

Before making a move, a realistic financial assessment is crucial. Thoughtfully work through the design process, then gather accurate renovation estimates from qualified contractors, factoring in potential cost overruns. Research current market trends to determine the approximate selling value of your home, and don't forget to factor in closing costs and realtor commissions. Consulting with a industry professionals and financial advisor can help you develop a budget that aligns with your goals, whether it's maximizing your return on investment with renovations or securing the best price for your property when selling.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. By understanding your needs, aspirations, and financial limitations, you can navigate this process with confidence. In the next part of this series, we'll delve deeper into the world of renovation, exploring costs, maximizing ROI, and the renovation process itself. Stay tuned!

Ever Home: Your Partner in Every Step

Whether you ultimately choose to renovate or sell, Ever Home is here to guide you through every step of the way. Our team of experts in real estate, design, and contracting can provide the knowledge, resources, and personalized service you need to make an informed decision, craft a detailed plan, and assist you in making the right decision for you and your family.


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