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Preparing To Sell Your Million-Plus Dollar Salt Lake City Home: Unlocking Your Value Through Luxury Home Selling Strategies

Selling a million-plus dollar home in Salt Lake City requires a strategic approach. You're not just showcasing a property; you're presenting a lifestyle. To attract discerning buyers, every detail needs to be meticulously considered. Hiring the right designers, contractors, photographer, and real estate agent can make a huge difference in how your property is presented. This starts with how your home is presented online. This first step attracts them to come visit and feel the space for themselves. When they tour your home, you want to create an experience for them where they can feel and visualize their lifestyle in the space and feel confident to call this home. Here are specific tips on staging, renovations, and curb appeal to elevate your Salt Lake million-dollar home, stand out from the rest, and secure a quicker, top-dollar sale.

Furnished kitchen, dining, and living room

Staging for Success

Declutter and Depersonalize: Create a clean and neutral canvas that allows buyers to envision themselves living in the space. Pack away personal belongings like family photos, collections, and excessive furniture. Aim for a curated look that showcases the home's features, not your personal taste.

Highlight Grand Spaces: Arrange furniture to emphasize the spaciousness and flow of the home. Avoid blocking walkways or creating cramped areas. Use smaller furniture pieces in larger rooms to maintain a sense of scale. Consider furniture placement that encourages conversation and entertaining, a key feature for luxury homes.

Upscale Furnishings: Rent or stage with high-quality furniture that complements the home's architectural style and reflects luxury living. Think sleek lines, rich fabrics like leather or velvet, and tasteful accent pieces. For example, in a modern Salt Lake City home with expansive mountain views, opt for contemporary furniture with clean lines and natural textures that complement the scenery. There is nothing wrong with the furniture you have for your home and lifestyle, however, it may not be the best option when seeking to get top dollar or avoiding becoming a stale home on the market. Working with the right designer/stagers can help you get this step right and ensure you create an experience for potential buyers that they won't soon forget.

Luxurious Touches: Accentuate the space with elegant artwork, designer throw pillows, and high-quality rugs. Artwork should be appropriately sized for the space and reflect a sophisticated aesthetic. Throw pillows can add pops of color or texture, while area rugs can define specific areas within a room (e.g., a seating area).

Natural Light: Open curtains and blinds to showcase the home's natural light and create an airy ambiance. Get a professional window cleaning to ensure maximum clarity. Strategically placed mirrors can also reflect natural light and make the space feel larger. Ensure that you and your agent have this prepared before the photographer arrives for photos. Assuming the photographer will alter furniture, open blinds or curtains, or adjust things around the home is an easily avoidable mistake. Natural lighting makes all the difference in your listing photos which is what entices buyers to spend their time viewing your property. Make sure this is dialed in for photos and showings. Your potential buyers will have a completely different experience in your home compared to so many others on the market.

Light Fixtures & Light Tones: Adding a few key light fixture updates can really elevate the perceived value of your property. Fixtures are the accessory jewelry to a home. Finding a few quality pieces completes a space and makes your home stand out in a buyers mind. One simple, cheap and yet INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT item that many home owners and agents miss when listing a home are light bulbs! A massive mistake that we see ALL THE TIME in the million plus price points are burnt out, missing, wrong color tone/mismatching color tone light bulbs. Trust us, when photos get taken and there are a bunch of bulbs missing or mixing tones it distracts people from noticing the great qualities of your home. It also leads them to look for other needed repairs or missing updates. The perceived value both online and in person is negatively impacted when this is missed. Conversely, when done right it is the cheapest fix that will give you the largest return.

Outdoor Oasis: Salt Lake City boasts a beautiful climate. Buyers in this price point are looking for outdoor space to entertain. Whether upgrading your outdoor space or revamping the existing, have your stager include comfortable outdoor furniture and strategically placed planters to create an inviting atmosphere. Create spaces that are easy for buyers to envision themselves in. If you have any awkward or weird spaces, consult a designer on what to do to make that area functional and esthetically pleasing to add value in your buyers mind.

Staged primary bathroom with slate accent wall and pendant lighting

Strategic Renovations

Modern Kitchen Appeal: A modern kitchen is one of the major selling points in a luxury home. It is usually the top thing you can do to create more value in your home. Consider updating appliances to stainless steel with professional-grade features. Install sleek countertops, such as quartz or granite, that offer both style and durability. Functional cabinetry with timeless hardware that provides ample storage and a streamlined look is something any buyer in this price point will be looking for. Consider built-in features like a coffee maker or wine/beverage fridge to add a touch of luxury.

Luxury kitchen with cafe brand appliances, brass metal tones, and white oak flooring and cabinets.

Updated Bathrooms: The second highest value add to a property are updated bathrooms. Whether you have the budget to completely update them OR to touch them up both have a positive impact on the value in your buyers eyes. For an update, transform bathrooms into retreats. Walk-in showers with euro style glass, rainfall showerheads and updated vanities are sure to wow buyers. Soaking tubs with modern fixtures are another desirable feature for todays luxury buyers. Upgrade vanities with double sinks and high-quality faucets. If the budget isn't there to do these upgrades, then focus on what you can do. Re-caulk the tub/shower, fix the broken tile or missing grout, update the fixtures...just a couple cheaper options to make these spaces feel complete, clean, and move in ready.

Smart Home Integration: Highlight the home's technological advancements with smart lighting systems that can be controlled remotely. Smart thermostats allow for energy efficiency and customized comfort. Consider a smart security system with features like video surveillance and remote door locks for added peace of mind.

Kitchen with leathered taj mahal quartzite countertops, cafe brand appliances, pewter and brass metal tones, and white oak cabinets.

Curb Appeal is King

Landscaping Matters: Invest in professional landscaping that creates a well-manicured and inviting first impression. Native and low-maintenance plants are a good choice for Salt Lake City's climate. Consider incorporating flowering shrubs, decorative trees, and well-maintained flower beds to add pops of color. Pathways and walkways should be free of clutter and edged with clean lines. If possible, repair or replace broken or elevated portions of the sidewalk, walkways, and the driveway. If it's spring or summer, ensure that you do a one over on your sprinkler system. No cracked lines, missing or damaged sprinkler heads, etc. If it is winter time, clear all walkways and remove any ice that may be forming around all walkways and driveways. This will allow people to fully view the property as well as ensure safety for those coming to view your home.

Exterior Lighting: Install warm and inviting outdoor lighting to enhance the home's curb appeal after sunset. Highlight architectural features with strategically placed spotlights. Path and walkway lighting should be low-profile and cast a warm glow for safety and ambiance. Once again, the right lighting when buyers come to visit at night allow them to visualize themselves living and entertaining in the space.

Architectural Details: Ensure the exterior is well-maintained. This includes painting the exterior with high-quality paint, repairing any cracks or damage, and keeping gutters clean. Consider adding or freshening up architectural accents like a new front door with a modern design or decorative shutters to enhance the home's character.

Simple clean exterior of a home with stucco and hardie board exterior, wood accent siding, matte black horizontal railing, and Sherwin Williams "Illusive Green" painted from door.

First Impression Counts: Maintain a clean walkway and driveway. Power wash the exterior if necessary to remove dirt or grime. Add a seasonal wreath or potted plants for a touch of elegance. Make sure exterior cable and hoses are coiled and organized. Double check that there aren't any items out of place prior to a showing of the home. One final note, check that any broken fencing around the property has been repaired and cleaned. This is the border of your property and draws attention to itself if not maintained properly.

By implementing these luxury home selling strategies on staging, renovations, and curb appeal, you can make sure your property is ready to attract more buyers and command top dollar. Every detail matters when selling a luxury home. As a result, make sure you consult and hire professionals to assist you. An excellent agent, designer, and contractor can ensure the process flows smoothly for preparing and selling your home. Rely on their expertise and trust that if you hire those roles correctly it will make a massive change in your both your experience and results.

Let Ever Home be a professional resource for you. We offer Brokerage/Agent, Design, and Contracting services. We can be your one stop solution to selling your luxury home or work as a member of the team of professionals you have selected.


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