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Ever Home - Redefining Your Renovation Journey

Embarking on a renovation venture? Whether you're a seasoned expert renovating multiple homes a year or a homeowner planning a simple bathroom makeover look no further! At Ever Home, we are dedicated to transforming your design aspirations into reality with ease, clarity, and convenience.


The Ever Home Experience

Experience a renovation journey like no other. Embrace the boundless potential of your living spaces with our visually captivating, carefully curated designs - all available at your fingertips, at no cost. Welcome to Ever Home, where turning your house into a dream home is effortlessly achievable. Begin your transformation with Ever Home today and let's create something extraordinary, together. Ever Home continually expands its collection of curated designs, ensuring you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and timeless classics to inspire your renovation projects. So be sure to check in often for the latest designs!

1. Visualize and Actualize: We believe in the power of visualization. Our easy to follow design boards and supplemental contractor instruction downloads empower you to easily envision your ideal living space and detail how to professionally implement that design. Whether you're an experienced renovator or new to the process, our meticulously curated designs ensure you can visualize and execute your renovation before a hammer is picked up.

2. Streamlined Ordering: Ever Home simplifies the renovation process by providing direct links to the products featured in our designs. With just a few clicks, you can order all the items you need, saving you precious time and eliminating the hassle of searching for each piece individually.

3. Design with Confidence: Say farewell to the uncertainty of matching colors and selecting the perfect elements for your home. Our expertly curated designs take the guesswork out of the equation, making it effortless to choose the ideal combination of items that suit your style and preferences while maintaining and increasing your properties value.

4. Crafting Your Ever Home: Our mission is to help you create an Ever Home - a space that reflects personality, sparks creativity, and cultivates cherished memories. To achieve this, we offer our curated designs for FREE to all, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to elevate their living spaces without any limitations.


Our Purpose, Your Benefit

You might be curious about what drives us to offer these services without charge. The answer is simple - our commitment to making Ever Homes a reality for as many people as possible. By partnering with vendors who supply the products featured in our designs, we can offer our platform and services completely free to you.

The Process

For renovation success, use our easy to follow steps below...

1) Look through the design themes below. Click on the theme that you feel confident will inspire the esthetic you are seeking.

2) Once clicked you will be directed to a page that has design boards for each of the spaces (bathroom, kitchen, bed, etc) you have in your home. Below each design board is a list of products that all fit within the design esthetic. Confirm the sizing or dimensions you need for certain products. Options for all standard sizes will be available.

3) As you identify the items needed, simply click the "Order Now" button to be sent to the vendor website and add that item to your cart.

4) After adding all the items you are wanting to order to the various vendors carts begin the check out process with each vendor.

5) Make sure to download our Contractor Design Adherence info for instructions on how to implement and install the various design elements. You can add or edit this as needed as well for each project.

6) Download our "Budgeting Sheet." This free resource is incredibly valuable to keep track of all your material and labor costs and stay organized on what was ordered, when, and where it was delivered. 

7) Review our project management content. Good design poorly executed never looks good. Make sure you get the most for what you pay for on all your projects.

8) If you are needing a specific item or something that may not be contained within the design package you select please message us anytime with what you need! We are always seeking to expand and improve these packages. We would be happy to source what you need and add it to the design package.

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